Thursday, December 30, 2010

Accomplished Something!

I got some sewing done today!

Here is another purse - made from my favorite purse pattern that you have all seen me blog about a zillion times before. See how this one goes with my new winter coat?? I then had to make a new key-chain card holder to match as well! A new scarf and mittens are in the works too!

Here is one of my "hunky Christmas men" pillowcases I made awhile ago. I have one on my pillow as we speak and the plan is to give one away as a gift, but I could still change my mind :)

And, I have found the backing material to go with the block of the month quilt I finished in October. Now to actually get it finished!

Thanks for stopping, come again, and take care! - Elizabeth

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Mamma Bears Fault said...

Testing 1.2.3. :) Elizabeth