Thursday, December 31, 2009

Venting - about school

For those of you who are up on my health and school issues and care to learn more of the saga, read on - however lengthy. If not, skip down to my previous post :)

Well, now on to the venting.

I blogged earlier about my first day back at school after being off for 10 weeks due to surgery. And to answer some of your comments, yes, all of that clean up was and still is to do during my free time. Joy, Joy.

Well, I made it through Monday and Tuesday, and Wednesday came and I was a hurtin' unit. I knew that we got out early for a teacher inservice so I thought I would just head for home - not that missing inservices are a good thing, but better than missing "teaching".

I went to talk to the Principal and I was literally "reamed". I was informed that it was "my choice to go" however there were Parent-Teacher Conferences that night after the inservice and that I had a lot of very unhappy parents that wanted to speak with me - WHAT?? (Side note.....PT conferences were supposed to be the week before, but were moved due to poor weather - this was all new to me!)

I was informed by the Principal, in a not so very nice tone, that "we used to have a great Middle School vocal music program and now it is terrible, both the Winter and Veteran's day performances were terrible, there are students wanting to drop choir right and left, parents are calling and complaining that their student has wasted a semester of their time in choir......"

I was stunned, I just stood there, and had no idea what to say. When she was finished, I said I would re-evaluate and let her know what my plans were.

After a few tears - okay a lot of tears, and an internal struggle with health vs. paycheck, I chose to stay.

I went back to the Principal, in tears (I hate that!) to inform her that I would try and stay as long as I could and that I felt I was being blamed for something that was completely out of my control. She backed off slightly - but barely.

I also asked her if I could use part of the inservice time to get grades printed off - so I could have at least something to go off of when parents started to show up (another side sub did not update all of the grades before she left, so I had plenty of grades for me to insert - in other words the grades weren't even up to date! - grades still aren't up to date because the grading program on my computer crashed and has to be reinstalled!!)

Anyway her response was no, because I would have 1/2 hour to do that between when the kids left and when the inservice started!!!

It was close, but I did manage to get the grades all printed off. I had 16 parents come in and Praise the Lord (literally!!) they were all very understanding of me being gone, etc. I was so nervous because I thought, according to the Principal, that I was about to be yelled at all evening long!

It got to be about 6:00 pm and I went to double check that conferences were done at 6:30 and that it was "ok" for me to leave at that time. She replied that I "would have to take 1 hour unpaid leave" because all of the Middle School teachers were to stay another 1 hr. (a contract thing) - another thing I knew nothing about!

By this time, I was beyond hurting, stressed out, tired, you name it - I went back into my room and told the band director, that I share the room with, that I was going into the office to lay down - I just could not handle sitting or standing any longer.

Needless to say, I made it through the 16hr day, only by the Grace of God and my allotted amount of pain pills!
I was sooooo tempted to call in "ill" on Thursday morning because I could hardly move. But, I was already scheduled for a 1/2 day as I was to see my surgeon that afternoon for my 3 month follow up. So again, Thank God and Pain Pills!

Went to the Dr.'s and the good thing is that everything is healing as it should. None of the rods, screws, or spacer have shifted out of their place = good news! It will take at least a good year though before things start to feel "normal" Pain wise, it is primarily muscle and nerve issues compensating for an area that used to be able to move but now can not. Hence, I'm doing physical therapy to get these other areas strengthed up!

I also learned that the nerve effected by all this (if not permanently damaged) will regenerate itself up to 1 millimeter a day. I am 6'2", and granted this is my lower back we're talkin' - but I have a LONG way to go as there are 3 mm in 1/8 of an inch. - See you learned something new amongst my venting :)

I told my surgeon about the previous 16hr day and was then told by him that I should not be having those kind of days until I reached the 6 month point. As a teacher - that is unrealistic, and I explained this to him. He wasn't thrilled but again - health vs. paycheck! I did ask for him to write a "Work Release" that during my break time, if needed, I am to go "lie down" for 10-15min. to relieve pressure and stretch things back out.

So back to school I went on Friday, with my "Work Release" form, and then e-mailed the Principal and Superintendent a rather lengthy e-mail, explaining what the Dr. had said and that I was not using my back as an excuse to get out of my obligations but for them to understand that when I'm hurting, I truly am hurting, and if I need to lie down, I need to lie down! I reminded them that when they hired me I informed them that I would do the best that I could and that statement still stands.

I never heard back from the Principal, the Superintendent (a man of few words) did e-mail me back and answered the few questions I had posed in my e-mail.

Okay, so in case you haven't been up on my "saga" let me remind you - I was not at school from Oct. 1st - Dec. 11 due to my back surgery where I had two vertebrae fused. A pretty intense surgery, not to be taken lightly.

I had started my students on the Veteran's Day music the first day of school (so I'm not quite sure why that ended up being so "terrible"), I had all of the Winter Concert Music picked out and ready, and I had 2 weeks of lesson plans done for my elementary classes - so, I ask how was the above all my fault??? (I'm not entirely blaming the sub - it is not easy being a sub...)

Now, not only do I still have to get things caught up, I have to go back and get the Middle Schoolers ready for a concert in less than a month. And that's IF there are no snow days during that time! No pressure there!!

I am a high anxiety person and suffer from the occasional panic attack - so even though I have been on break, the panic and worrying about how to get things back on track has been in hyper drive!

Long story short, I feel like I'm being blamed for something that was out of my control. I defenitly know that I will not win any "great teacher awards", and I know that I can not please everyone all the time, but I try - and that should count for something - right?

Well, that's enough venting and feeling sorry for myself. I'm not looking forward to going back to school on Monday, but it is what it is, and I will do the best I can.

If you've actually made it through this whole post-thanks for listening :) Elizabeth

A WIN.....And Happy New Year!!

I WON something - can you believe it!!

I never win anything - truly, honest, not kidding - and I've been meaning to post about it ever since I received it in the mail, but I guess life has just got in the way!

Awhile ago the site Sew, Mamma, Sew! held a "Giveaway Day" in which they listed a ton of sites where you could go visit and sign up for that particular blogs "giveaway". Well, why not?!? So, I went to several and threw my name in the pot and I WON!!

I won this beautiful Tiger Eye bookmark from Pam at
(picture courtesy of Pam's website!)

And, here it is in my book :) The pictures truly do not do it justice!! It's lovely - perfect balance of weight and length so it fits in nicely and does not fall out! Plus the fact that the Tiger's Eye is one of my favorite stones! Thank You so much to Pam for participating in the giveaway!!

I love Winnie the Pooh, so of course when this book came out, I just had to have a go at it :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was good and low key. Mom and I exchanged some great gifts and then just lounged about. Unfortunately my area got hit with LOTS of winter weather so my Dad was not able to come up and spend the day, but I was able to meet up with him the following Sunday, so all was good.

We are still being, blasted with snow and ice about every other day and now I hear it is to become bitterly cold - ahh, the joys of living in Iowa. I guess it is good that we are having this weather now during break from school, otherwise we would have a lot snow make up days and end up going until the middle of June - uck, no thank you!!

Anywho, I wish you all a crafty, safe, healthy, happy, and love filled New Year!!

Take Care and thanks for stopping - Elizabeth

Side note....when I was coming home from seeing my Dad this past Monday, I counted over 38 vehicles in the median/ditch along I35 within an approximate 25 miles - ouch! So PLEASE if you live in a snowy/icy area, BE CAREFUL!! - remember the story of the "Tortoise and the Hare" - slow and steady can win the race :)

Monday, December 14, 2009


We'll start with a picture or two and then I'll explain that "Whew!"
Awhile ago, I blogged about how MammaBear and I took a paper piecing class, here are our results. Mine (above) is not done - of course- because I decided to change my border fabric at the last minute.

Here is MammaB's. finished. Which I think turned out lovely.

Explanation of the "Whew!"
Today was my first day back at school after being off for 10 weeks with my back surgery.

It went okay however-
  1. It took me 1 hr.and 45 min. to get to work because of the winter weather.
  2. I walked into my room and music was in piles organized/unorganized- everywhere!
  3. There were student folders laying about that had not been put away.
  4. I walked into my office and it looked like a bomb had gone off around my desk. I just stood there looking at it trying to figure out where to even start - I won't go into more detail here as I'm likely to use some not so nice words.

Side note: I am so grateful to my sub for covering me for that amount of time, and I will be the 1st to tell you that I am not the most tidy person in the world, but.........!!!!!

All of that, and the stress of not knowing exactly what I'm going to be doing with my students this week, royally tensed me up. That and being on my feet longer than usual led to upper back spasms - NOT NICE!!

Needless to say, I think jumping straight into a full day of school may have been a little over zealous on my part. I should have started off with half days and worked up towards full. Thankfully, it looks like I can do half days for the rest of this week if I need to!
We shall just have to take it one step at a time!

And last but not least, here are my crochet pincushion teacups!
The one on the far left is cocoa with mini-marshmallows, next is tea w/ tea bag, then the teacup I made my mom for her B-day, and then my teacup (which was the 1st experimental cup as part of the design and handle is different than the others.)

Well, thanks for stopping by!
Take Care - Elizabeth

ps - You can click on the pictures for a bigger view :)

Friday, December 4, 2009


I know it's a miracle - it's been over a month since posting anything sewing/quilting related!

Here is a Christmas Tree ornament I did, all by hand I might add because I wasn't up to going downstairs to use the sewing machine. The pattern is from a tutorial I found online and it actually starts out as a circle!



This next picture is a table mat I have made for a Christmas "Grab-Bag" party tomorrow. Went together nice and slick - think I'll be doing more of this pattern!
I do have some other sewing projects to add (eventually) of items that I have done recently and this past summer. For some reason they just never made to the camera and then to the blog!!
Thanks for stopping and have a great day - Elizabeth

Friday, November 27, 2009

It's My......


Nothing big planned for the day. MammaBear and I are going to join the madness of "Black Friday" shopping. We go more for the fun of it rather than the "must have deals". So, we usually avoid the places we know will be swamped! Then it's off to physical therapy in the afternoon. I'm pretty sure that a conference with my pillow and ice-pack will be in order after all of that! (if not between shopping and PT!).

Speaking of physical therapy, the back is getting stronger, but much slower than I had anticipated. So, I have decided, after conferring with my PT and Dr's., that it would be in my best interest to take another 2 weeks off from work. I just do not yet have the consistent strength or stamina it takes to teach a full day/week of PreK-8th grade!!

It's hard to believe another b-day has snuck up on me. You know how when you're "younger" and you "think" you have your life all planned out? Well, by now, I was to be happily married with at least 2 children. So much for those plans!! But I'm still holdin' out on hope with a "wing and a prayer"! All in all though, as stated in my last post, I am still very blessed!

Well, take care, thanks for stopping by, but I'm off to enjoy MY day :) - Elizabeth

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'll admit it, it has been a rough year, well....a couple of rough years. There have been definite times when it has been very hard not to dwell on or make lists of all the negatives, hardships, and worries, that life has dealt out.

But, today was not designed for us to gorge ourselves on good food (a nice perk!), but a time to reflect on what we are truly thankful for. So, here are some of mine; not necessarily in order of importance:

My health - even though I just had surgery, things could have been/be so much worse.

My parents - who are my best friends!

A warm home with a good roof over my head and plenty of food in the pantry.

My friends (including you bloggers!) and family who make life so much more interesting :)

My God - who always gets me through; even though I may not always like or understand the "process".

For the members and pastor of the church I play piano for once or twice a month. Even though I am not a "member", they have encompassed me as part of their "family". I have truly been in awe of the compassion I have received from them, some of whom I don't even know!

So, to all of you reading this, including my overseas/cross the border friends - where it may not be your "designated" Thanksgiving Day: Have a Blessed and Thankful filled day!

Take Care - Elizabeth

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To Dad:

You went through a hell that, others may be able to relate to, but that no one can ever truly understand. And, for a cause that is just now starting to receive recognition/acknowledgement.

Unlike so many others, you came home, and I thank God every day for that. For without you, there would be no me!! There would not be some of the great memories of pulling a tree down with a garden hose, singing the "nothin" song, starting the back of the pickup on fire, feeding corn chips to the fish at the golf course, the margarine tub full of bells and clothes pins for a Christmas present, and one of my all time favorites - the "I love Elizabeth" song.

We've had our rough patches (like any normal kid and their parent), but I love you and I am proud to be your daughter - in so many ways! - Elizabeth Ann

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday MammaBear!

For those of you who don't know, MammaBear is my Mom and today is her day!

Happy Birthday MammaBear! Love You - babybear

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Need a Hug

You know how a person sometimes just needs a hug?
Well, here you go - and then you see, I get one in return :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween, but have decided to lay low this year. I'm even being a scrooge and not handing out candy. I know - I'm "one of those houses". :)

I have found some motivation/energy to start a few crafty projects. One of which I gave you a glimpse of in my last post, and the others I don't have pictures of yet.
One of them is a paper piecing project. As an early B-day gift to MammaBear (Nov. 2), I signed us both up to take a paper piecing class at our local quilt shop.
Neither of us has ever taken a quilting/sewing class nor were we very confident in our paper piecing skills (very new to me), so it was a great class for us. Plus, there were only 3 of us signed up, so we had plenty of one-on-one time with the teacher.
We learned a lot, have homework to do and then we'll finish it up at our 2nd class this next week. The only down side was the 3 hour class was a little too much sitting for my back, but I got up and took mini walks around the shop, so it worked.

Speaking of my back. It will be exactly 1 month since surgery on Mon.!! I was back to the Dr. on the 26th and had the blasted 9 inches of stitches removed - and yes, I WAS BLANKET STITCHED!! The nurse could not tell me the "exact" medical term, but that is what it looks like and it is the most common type of stitch used on long incisions.
According to the Dr. everything is looking as it should. I just need to behave myself (ha!) and I start physical therapy at 3 times a week for 4 weeks this Mon., and then we re-evaluate about going back to work.

The hardest part about where I'm at now in the healing process, is that you start to feel good, so you do things or too much of one thing and then you pay for it later. Boy-do you pay for it later!!
Thank heavens for my heating pad, ice pack, pain meds, and a MammaBear who is willing to do back rubs!!!
Again, I thank you for all your kind comments and kind thoughts - they are so appreciated!
Take Care-Elizabeth

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm Still Here!

It will be 3 weeks from surgery tomorrow! And no, I am not going stir crazy-yet. The time has flown by! Pain meds, although not as strong nor as often, the ice pack, and the heating pad are definitely my main friends! Oh, and my grabber thingie - and yes that is the "technical term" for it :) It's one of those long handled things that allows you to pick up items up off the floor etc. without bending over (which I am not supposed to do). My first one broke and for 2 days, I was completely lost with out it! Not to fear, I got a new one today and have already used it several times!

I am getting stronger little by little, and am able to walk about 2-3 blocks at a time. I'll either go for a little walk outside or I'll walk up to my public library which is 1 1/2 blocks and sit and rest and then get up and do "laps" around the building.

I'll pick up a kids book or two during my meandering and then sit and rest and read them. Can't quite handle an "adult" book yet as I'm still suffering from "drug induced ADD" - no great attention span! Then, I walk home and either lay on the couch and snooze or crawl into bed and take a nap. I'm heading more towards the "healing tired" stage vs. the "drug induced tired" stage, which is nice because I can now type an e-mail or have a conversation with someone without falling asleep in the middle of it!

I've also got enough oomph that I've been able to start a little stitchery project. It isn't much, but at least I feel like I've accomplished something during the day - even if it's just a few stitches.

Here is a sneak peak:

And that, as exciting as it may sound, pretty much covers my day.

Overall, I feel pretty good. My foot is still pretty numb/fuzzy, it might yet turn around, or I may have to get used to it being a permanent thing. My next Dr.'s appointment isn't until the 26th and then I get these blasted stitches out!! Trust me it's time for them to GO, GO, GO!

For you sewers out there - mom says it looks like I was "blanket stitched" together. I'm going to ask the Dr. what his medical term for the stitch is - wouldn't it be funny if it really turned out to be a blanket stitch!

I also wanted to thank you for all of your prayers, good thoughts, and wishes for a speedy recovery! Whenever I need a pick me up, I read your comments and the spirit is instantly lifted - THANK YOU - Elizabeth

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's been a week?

Just over a week since I had my surgery - hard to believe.

Let me get you caught up.

Surgery was about 3 hrs, give or take, and the Dr. said everything went very well. There was quite a bit of scar tissue from the last surgery that he was able to remove which also helped in freeing up pinched nerves. The fusion went well also. Rather than using cadaver bones to join everything together, they were able to use my own "nice strong bones". So now, my 5th lumbar vertebrae is fused together with screws etc. and there is no more disc to ooze out and create problems.

Your probably thinking that "that has to hurt"! Yeah, it does, but it is a completely different type of pain than what I was experiencing before. This is an incision/healing pain that I know with time will go away. Plus, pain meds are life savers! I still have the numb/tingly foot which may never go away, but at least I no longer have the pain down the side of my leg!

The 2nd day in the hospital I was fitted with a back brace that I will wear once the stitches come out, and it was get up and walk, walk, walk! I even did some stairs! Overall the 3 1/2 day stay was not all bad. I discovered that instead of asking help from the nurses to roll over in bed (not a pleasant thing with an 8-9inch incision and 2 drain tubes) - that it is was just as easy to get up, walk around to the other side of the bed and lay down. I threw several nurses for a loop as every time they would come in, I would be laying on my other side, or sitting on the edge of the bed at 2am! Rolling over at home is still a challenge, but instead of getting up and walking to the other side, I sit up, move some pillows around and my head goes where my feet just were and vice versa. Works well!

Overall, I think things are healing pretty good. I'm still very tired and it soooo easy for me to nod off. I tried e-mailing a friend the other day and it took me about 2 hrs. because I kept nodding off! I'd wake up with some random letter filling up the page! Reading or doing anything crafty is pretty well out of the question too, as I just do not have the stamina - quite annoying. Ah well, this too shall pass.

Well, that pretty much covers it! Again, I so appreciate your positive thoughts and prayers.

Take care and stay healthy! - Elizabeth

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm Home

Hi all!

Just a quick note to let you all know that as of 10:00 last night, I made it home safe and sound.

Thank you all so much for your prayers!

More to come later, as I keep trying to fall asleep while wirting this.!!

Take care - elizabeth

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two Sleeps Away

Surgery is on Friday!

Don't worry - I won't be doing this!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


"Rat's knees, and elephant's toes!!"
(a saying in a book that I read along time ago -
my Dad and I use it when things go awry)
Well, it's official. I have to have back surgery #2.
The first suggestion was to do an injection of steroids directly into the disk to see if it would take the inflammation down. Then, I met with the surgeon. He put my X-ray's up and said, "Do you see this black line running here on your vertebrae, that is a fracture". A fracture???
The Dr. explained that many things could have caused it, but due to my last surgery, more stress was put on that vertebrae causing it fracture further.
I guess that explains the REALLY numb leg and foot, along with the not so pleasant pain. Thankfully, this bout has not been nearly as painful as prior to my first surgery. I suppose I could survive awhile without the surgery, but I am afraid of permanent nerve damage and always having a numb leg and foot. It makes walking interesting as your never quite sure where and what your foot is landing on.
So in 2 weeks, I go in for about a 3 hr. surgery, where they are going to remove the bad disc, put in a spacer, and screw/fuse the bottom 2 vertebrae together. Sounds like fun?!?! That should take care of the numbness and pain --how wonderful that will be!
The unfortunate thing is that I will be out of work for a minimum of 8 weeks. The Dr. was very adamant about the "minimum" part.
What a wonderful thing to go and tell your new employer that they need to find a long term music sub!! Not pleasant and not my idea of making a good impression.
Well, I will be very busy in the next few days trying to get my house ready, and school things in order. The nice thing about being home for 8 weeks is that I will have a lot of internet time, and I will hopefully be up to doing something crafty at some point.
Well take care all and thanks for stopping by. Maybe some day I'll actually have some pictures to post!! - Elizabeth
Ps. my Preschoolers love Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear! It is so fun to watch them interact with them - hugs are definitely not scarce!! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mozart and Beethoven

Mouse and Bear that is.

Mom and I made these critters to use in my Music Classroom.

It's a good thing we got them done this evening as I think my Preschoolers would have revolted tomorrow if I showed up without them!! We can't have unhappy kids ya' know!

Eventually these two will have little vests (made with music patterned fabric...of course!), but for now their little tie and bow will have to do.

Thanks for stopping - Elizabeth

Monday, September 7, 2009


Well the school year is progressing nicely however my body is revolting.

3 yrs. ago I had back surgery to mend a herniated disc. This past May I had another MRI because it was acting up, and at that time, I had 3 discs that were threatening to become big problems. Well, I think one of them has decided to become that big problem! UGH!!

My left leg, from the knee down is numb/asleep...hard to describe, and I'm a hurting unit!

Nothing like starting a new job and then have your back go ka-flooey!

Unfortunately my 1st neurosurgeon has moved out of state, and I have been referred elsewhere. They can't get me in until the 17th. I may go mad before than!!
I do have pain pills and muscle relaxers, they don't do much good, and I can't take them during the school day because they make me tired and "dopey" - two things that do not mix well with driving and teaching.

I suppose I could miss a few days of school, but if I am going to need another surgery, than I will need those days then. This is so not fun.

Well, that's enough pity "party-ing" for one post.

Mom and I have worked on making a "Mozart Mouse" and a "Beethoven Bear" for my elementary kids. I'll get pictures up when they are finished.

Well, thanks for boppin' by. Take Care - Elizabeth

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Dance!

I survived the first 3 days of school!!

I'm still completely overwhelmed. I have over 300 kids to teach, learn their names, and hopefully to get to know a little about each one of them.

Needless to say I'm still a tad overwhelmed. Next week is a full week of school. My goal is one day at a time with "one toe in front of the other!"

Tomorrow morning I am sleeping in - if anyone even thinks about waking me up.....well, let's just say it won't be pretty!

Then, if I feel ambitious, I will go to a sit and sew that I signed up before I realized how pooped I'd be after just 3 days. Don't know what I will work on - I might just take my cross-stitch.

Well, that about covers it, so take care and thanks for stopping by! - Elizabeth

Saturday, August 22, 2009


School starts this Wednesday!!! I'M NOT READY!

I'm just a tad overwhelmed and stressed right now! You know the feeling - "which way is up?!?"

When I'm home, I'm thinking I should be at school working or
at least working on it at home -
when I'm at school, I can't wait to be done and go home. OYE!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Who said it could be August already? Where did the summer go?

I have good news regarding this fall - I have a new teaching position! I will be teaching Pre K - 8th grade music and it is a FULL TIME position. It is a 45 min. - 1 hr. drive one way, but with the economy the way it is, I am leery to pick up and move......especially if I do not have a job, or it is reduced for next fall. I may change my mind come winter, but for now that is the plan.

I did not want to have to leave my old position, but after being reduced to 3/4 time last year and looking at 1/2 time this fall, (and being treated like crap by the administration and school board) financially it just wasn't feasible. Oh, and get this - even though I was offered 1/2 time for this fall I have since been replaced by someone for FULL TIME!... i'm not bitter at all - grrrrrrrr.

Anywho, I am excited about my new position, and am looking forward to working with the younger grades. Unlike most H.S. students, the little ones still aim to please. Ahhh - what a nice change that will be :)

Now we move on to sewing pictures.

Here's another table mat. Same pattern and colors of the other one (diff. fabrics) that I had originally made for a gift. Now, I like them both - so I guess I can go "eeny-meeny-miney-moe" and give one away!

And, here's another purse. I love this pattern...I've made 3 already! It is easy, cute, and everything I need fits in it! Would you believe that it is made entirely out of corduroy? Yup, it is - working at JoAnn Fabrics over the summer has had it's perks :)

Well, I suppose this post is long enough so, take care and thanks for stopping by - Elizabeth

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I have been without Internet service for a little over a week! Not nice I say - not nice at all!!

I have lots to share, but for now, here is a photo of my first paper-piecing attempt. Not my fav. technique, but doable. It's a block of 4 flowers, the dark green being the base of each flower.

More to come later. - Take Care - Elizabeth

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stichery Finished!

I finished my Spring Angel stichery today - only the Summer Angel left to do.

I do wish may camera would do these better justice - ah well!

Now if I could motivate myself to get back to my Chinese Phoenix.

Take Care - Elizabeth

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Busy Evening

One "purse" pincushion.

Binding on table mat.

Real purse.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Watch Bands

As I have gotten older, I have developed a rather irritating (literally!) allergy to nickel. Hence wearing any watch or bracelet with metal, is a no-no!

I don't know where I found the online tutorial for these, but I am so thankful I did! I can now wear a normal watch again! I call them my "watch bibs".

Hope you all had a Happy 4th of July weekend. Mine included work, watching fireworks with my parents and accompanying a soloist at church. All in all a good weekend.

Take Care! - Elizabeth

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Man’s surprising laugh

Oh my goodness. I was crying I was laughing so hard. Good, clean, fun humour! Enjoy :)

Click on: Man’s surprising laugh

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Table Mat

Here is a table mat I started and finished in one evening (very little sleep occurred that night!). The pattern is from an older edition of Fons and Porter magazine. This was my first "big" project with templates. It didn't go too bad, but I wouldn't want to make an entire quilt with them!I originally made it to be a gift, but I have fallen in love with it and I don't think I can give it away! Is that wrong?!?

So, I made another table mat (different pattern - picture coming soon) as the gift, but it turned out much larger than planned. That's what happens when you don't read the finished measurements!! Anywho, that one will be gifted to my Dad, and I will have to find another more suitable sized pattern for the gift! Gee darn, more sewing.....

Take Care - Elizabeth

Flowers and the Cat

Hey there!

Here are a few pictures of the clematis and day lilies in my backyard. I can not take credit for these! My dad is the one who planted them and has the green thumb! I just make sure the lawn around them is mowed and that the weeds don't get too high around them!

Next up is my "brat of a cat", Mollie. She is my inside cat in the winter but as soon as it's nice, she wants OUT! She comes in for food and the occasional "loves", but otherwise it's outside for her.

I like how in this picture it looks like Mollie and the Angel are looking at the same thing!

Believe it or not, I do have several sewing projects to show soon. Just haven't taken the time to take pictures!

Thanks for stopping by! Take Care - Elizabeth

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hi there!

Welcome to my new blog! I originally had a blog at however the site has gone down twice in the past few months. To be sure I do not lose all of my posts, I have created this site as well.

This all flannel quilt is a quilt top that I have had finished for some time. Someday it will get finished!

Well, thanks for stopping by, and take care - Elizabeth