Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sewing and Some Good News!

Went to a "Sit and Sew" yesterday and got the main part of a diaper bag made for an acquaintance. Sorry I haven't taken any pictures yet, but will when I get it finished. I must say it is turning out quite cute! This may sound shocking to some of you, but I sewed my first elastic casing yesterday - and it worked!! Oh, the little things in life that can make us giddy :)

The gals that attend this "Sit and Sew" are always fun! They are great women who share your passion, give helpful tips, and suggestions, and share in harmless, but fun banter = good times. So, if you've never attended a "Sit and Sew" try it out!!

On to school news:

A large part of my "school" weight has been lifted.

My Middle School concert had to be moved back due to scheduling conflicts with the High School. Normally, this would upset me, but we need the extra time!! And, my Middle School musical has been pushed back 2 weeks - again giving us more time! I was really stressing over how I was going to get everything done, the kids ready, and have the performances "sound" decent. Now with more time - we can get closer to that goal! Glory, Hallelujah and a big AMEN!

So now, we can continue on, and hopefully not have any more snow days. We are up to 7 now and winter is not quite half over!! I really do not want to got into June with school. Any teacher will tell you that the students' brains shut down come the beginning to mid May and to go any further, would not be pleasant for all involved!

Anywho, just had to share my good news, and hopefully I'll be able to get that diaper bag finished soon and a picture up!

Take Care and Thanks for Stopping By! - Elizabeth

Monday, January 25, 2010

Are we in Kansas yet?

My oh my has the weather been NASTY today!

We've been under a blizzard warning this afternoon and this evening and there have been times where it sounds like the house is just going to up and join the snow blowing around.

Due to this lovely weather, school was cancelled. We now have 5 days to add to the end of the school year. June - here we come! Uck. It doesn't break my heart that we didn't have school, however it puts me and my kids in a bind in trying to get ready for our concert Feb. 11th. We'll do the best we can, but Lord help us!

Since there was no school, I rescheduled my physical therapy appointment to this morning, and was able to get into my regular physician to get a neck adjustment and to check out my cold issue. I am feeling much better after taking a "Z Pack" of antibiotics last week, but the lungs still feel full. Dr. says there is some crud left, but not enough to warrant more antibiotics - just have to let it run it's course.

The roads were not bad when I went to my appointments (normally 20min. away) but I drove home in complete white-outs at times because of the new falling snow and the high winds. It is not pleasant to go from being able to see in front of you to seeing nothing but white snow - not cool!

Well, I'm really tired of seeing this: (photo courtesy of the web - not my area, but it does look a lot like this outside!!!)

I'm really ready to see this: (again - photo courtesy of the web, wish this was in my area!)

Thanks for stopping and Take Care! - Elizabeth

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Crafty Picture

I know - it's a miracle :)
Here is my finished scarf done on the Kniffty Knitter mentioned in the previous post, and one mitten. The mitten my mother made for me since she's all sorts of talented with the 4 needle knitting thing!! I'm still waiting for the second one.....but it will come (luv ya Mamma Bear!) And yes, the glove is a little large, but I think we plan on lining it as well so it will be extra warm and cozy! It may not seem like it but the colored yarn in the scarf, is the same yarn that was used for the mitten. Only I used two skeins of colored and one cream to give it more bulk. I think it turned out nice - yet I'm biased and it is for me after all :)
I have boycotted school work this weekend, which I will regret later, but this cold is truly kickin' my pa-tootie! The only things I have accomplished this weekend are: cleaning the cat pan, doing laundry, finishing my scarf, playing for the Jr. Choir at church and a whole lot of sleeping. I'm not feeling a whole lot better than Fri. so I may have to call the Dr. to see if what I have is viral or something antibiotics could annihilate!
Well, that's all for now. Thanks for stopping and Take Care! -Elizabeth

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thank you!

First off, thank you to all of you who have left such supportive comments regarding my school and health issues. It is nice to have affirmations that one is not truly making "mountains out of mole hills"!

So, here's a hug from me to you - Thank You!!

School is still very stressful, but I am trying to lay as low as possible, and just do my job to the best of my abilities.

This week was my first official full week back at school since my surgery in October. Let me tell you..... it was a very long week! Not only did my back feel it, but some little urchin decided to share their cold bug with me and I have felt rather punk all week. It's one of those colds that isn't bad enough to justify staying home, but bad enough that by the time you do get home-you collapse! Needless to say, I think all I did this last week was go to school, come home and go to bed. Hopefully, with some more bed rest, orange juice, and cold meds, I'll be feeling more up to snuff once Monday rolls around!

No real sewing news to report. I did make my dad a scarf (sorry no picture) with a Kniffty Knitter and am currently working on one myself. Mindless work with pretty outcomes - just what I need right now!

Here is the Kniffty Knitter loom I use to make the scarfs however I do not use the whole length - otherwise you'd have a VERY wide scarf.

Well, that about covers it. Again thank you so much for your support and words of encouragement.

Take Care - Elizabeth