Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Crafty Picture

I know - it's a miracle :)
Here is my finished scarf done on the Kniffty Knitter mentioned in the previous post, and one mitten. The mitten my mother made for me since she's all sorts of talented with the 4 needle knitting thing!! I'm still waiting for the second one.....but it will come (luv ya Mamma Bear!) And yes, the glove is a little large, but I think we plan on lining it as well so it will be extra warm and cozy! It may not seem like it but the colored yarn in the scarf, is the same yarn that was used for the mitten. Only I used two skeins of colored and one cream to give it more bulk. I think it turned out nice - yet I'm biased and it is for me after all :)
I have boycotted school work this weekend, which I will regret later, but this cold is truly kickin' my pa-tootie! The only things I have accomplished this weekend are: cleaning the cat pan, doing laundry, finishing my scarf, playing for the Jr. Choir at church and a whole lot of sleeping. I'm not feeling a whole lot better than Fri. so I may have to call the Dr. to see if what I have is viral or something antibiotics could annihilate!
Well, that's all for now. Thanks for stopping and Take Care! -Elizabeth


kwiltmakr said...

The scarf and mittens are great. I guess I woudl think about calling the doctor, maybe it is more than a cold. Take care and thanks for your nice email.

Shirleymac said...

You did a great job on the scarf and I love the stipped mitten. Good for you taking care of you but I'd go see the doctor if I were you too. Gotta be careful with some of these viruses these days.