Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sewing and Some Good News!

Went to a "Sit and Sew" yesterday and got the main part of a diaper bag made for an acquaintance. Sorry I haven't taken any pictures yet, but will when I get it finished. I must say it is turning out quite cute! This may sound shocking to some of you, but I sewed my first elastic casing yesterday - and it worked!! Oh, the little things in life that can make us giddy :)

The gals that attend this "Sit and Sew" are always fun! They are great women who share your passion, give helpful tips, and suggestions, and share in harmless, but fun banter = good times. So, if you've never attended a "Sit and Sew" try it out!!

On to school news:

A large part of my "school" weight has been lifted.

My Middle School concert had to be moved back due to scheduling conflicts with the High School. Normally, this would upset me, but we need the extra time!! And, my Middle School musical has been pushed back 2 weeks - again giving us more time! I was really stressing over how I was going to get everything done, the kids ready, and have the performances "sound" decent. Now with more time - we can get closer to that goal! Glory, Hallelujah and a big AMEN!

So now, we can continue on, and hopefully not have any more snow days. We are up to 7 now and winter is not quite half over!! I really do not want to got into June with school. Any teacher will tell you that the students' brains shut down come the beginning to mid May and to go any further, would not be pleasant for all involved!

Anywho, just had to share my good news, and hopefully I'll be able to get that diaper bag finished soon and a picture up!

Take Care and Thanks for Stopping By! - Elizabeth


Vivian said...

I'll look forward to seeing photos in the future. Sorry I couldn't be at Sit & Sew yesterday. I had a great time on Friday, and I ended up out of town most of Saturday, so it wouldn't have worked out, even if there had been an empty chair. Just being with other quilters is a joy, isn't it? I've learned not to beat myself over the head if I don't get a lot done. The friendships & story telling and conversation are a great substitute for quilting progress.

I'm glad to read of your scheduling changes. More time for prep is good news! Let's hope that winter is over for this year (yeah, right! -- and elephants fly)

kwiltmakr said...

Can't wait to see your photos. It would be nice to sit and sew with a group of ladies. Sounds like fun. I like your background design. I was thinking of changing mine too.

Shirleymac said...

Your sit and sew group sounds wonderful. That's good that your concerts got pushed too. I remember you were a bit concerned about that last week during the snow days.

Heckety said...

So much for no more snow days...I'm catching up on you in reverse order. Still good that you got more time, even if it wasn't exactly done to suit you!
Glad the diaper bag is progressing, great sense of satisfaction!