Monday, January 25, 2010

Are we in Kansas yet?

My oh my has the weather been NASTY today!

We've been under a blizzard warning this afternoon and this evening and there have been times where it sounds like the house is just going to up and join the snow blowing around.

Due to this lovely weather, school was cancelled. We now have 5 days to add to the end of the school year. June - here we come! Uck. It doesn't break my heart that we didn't have school, however it puts me and my kids in a bind in trying to get ready for our concert Feb. 11th. We'll do the best we can, but Lord help us!

Since there was no school, I rescheduled my physical therapy appointment to this morning, and was able to get into my regular physician to get a neck adjustment and to check out my cold issue. I am feeling much better after taking a "Z Pack" of antibiotics last week, but the lungs still feel full. Dr. says there is some crud left, but not enough to warrant more antibiotics - just have to let it run it's course.

The roads were not bad when I went to my appointments (normally 20min. away) but I drove home in complete white-outs at times because of the new falling snow and the high winds. It is not pleasant to go from being able to see in front of you to seeing nothing but white snow - not cool!

Well, I'm really tired of seeing this: (photo courtesy of the web - not my area, but it does look a lot like this outside!!!)

I'm really ready to see this: (again - photo courtesy of the web, wish this was in my area!)

Thanks for stopping and Take Care! - Elizabeth


kwiltmakr said...

I saw all of that snow blizzard on the web. We had that stuff over Christmas and it has been dark and dingy since then. I am ready for spring to get here, I would like to see some sunshine. Glad your getting better. Stay warm and safe.

Vivian said...

Ah, the beauty of a green and blue photo of nature -- compared to the danger and boredom and monotony of our bizzard-snowy-whiteout messes. Gettin' pretty old, isn't it?
Stay safe -- keep on schedule with that Z-PACK -- and hopefully we'll get a weather break here pretty soon.

Shirleymac said...

Yikes! I'm shivering just looking at that photo! Stay warm. At least no school means you can get some rest to fight the rest of that bug off.