Saturday, February 26, 2011

I wish...

.....I was more interesting to visit at the moment!


I'm afraid I have no new sewing/crafting news - just haven't gotten around to doing anything!

Thank you for stopping in however!  Take Care!  - Elizabeth

Monday, February 14, 2011

Strep creeps back.

First, I want to thank you for all the lovely comments regarding my purse!  Thank You!!

Moving on..... I spent all weekend in bed, and just couldn't muster the strength to go to school today. So, to the Dr. I went. Apparently I am on "the verge" of having strep again due to the antibiotics from my first go-around not being quite strong enough to kill all the little germmy buggers!  If this next batch of antibiotics doesn't work, then it's off to an Ear, Nose and Throat Dr.!

Of course this is all happening the week of my elementary parent-teacher conferences.  They're always such a pleasure to begin with, but add feeling absolutely miserable on top of that - STOP THE WORLD, I'D LIKE TO GET OFF! - yes, I know - rather punny that a music teacher would use such a quote :)

Okay, I'm done whining.  Thanks for stopping by, and maybe the next time you visit I'll actually have that purse finished!

Take Care - Elizabeth

Update 2/15/11: 4 parents came to visit me in the 4 hours of parent-teacher conferences this evening.  The Art teacher had 1 parent.  We both see approximately 150 elementary students throughout the week. Hmmmmm..............  It's so very disheartening to see the appreciation of the Arts disappear! 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Purse Pattern Trial

I found this pattern here and decided to give a whirl.
photo courtesy of

Here is my version:  Click on the pictures for a bigger view if you like. However please ignore the chalk marks and any rogue strings you may see :)

Front View: 
somehow my measurements got off and my flap runs into my handle brackets..humph!

Back View:

Front View with the Flap Open:
I worked on this at a Sit & Sew yesterday and today and boy this is a labor intensive pattern!  It took me a good 8 hours to get this much done!  I still have 2 pocket dividers to cut, prep, sew and insert.  Maybe at the next Sit & Sew it will get finished....?

Thanks for stopping, come again, and take care - Elizabeth :)