Sunday, February 6, 2011

Purse Pattern Trial

I found this pattern here and decided to give a whirl.
photo courtesy of

Here is my version:  Click on the pictures for a bigger view if you like. However please ignore the chalk marks and any rogue strings you may see :)

Front View: 
somehow my measurements got off and my flap runs into my handle brackets..humph!

Back View:

Front View with the Flap Open:
I worked on this at a Sit & Sew yesterday and today and boy this is a labor intensive pattern!  It took me a good 8 hours to get this much done!  I still have 2 pocket dividers to cut, prep, sew and insert.  Maybe at the next Sit & Sew it will get finished....?

Thanks for stopping, come again, and take care - Elizabeth :)


Cheryl Willis said...

wow, I so love your fabrics, very beautiful one of a kind piece you have there. cw

Rhoda said...

I love the fabrics, too! That red is really snazzy!

Vivian said...

It's too bad patterns don't rate or rank themselves with "average # of hours needed to complete this bag." But your time will be worth it when this charmer is all done. Great fabrics!

Zoey said...

It looks great! I love the coordinating inside fabric. You will look pretty snazzy with some black pants, red jacket and that purse.

Amy said...

very nice! love the colors!