Saturday, January 29, 2011

3 Words...

Strep Throat Stinks!

To whomever felt the need to share their germs with me: 

 I like to think that I am an open and welcoming type of person however, the need to share/pass on your germs, has crossed the lines of friendship, kindliness, etc.  I ask that you never, ever....ever....ever share with me in this format ever, ever, ever again. Or, when I start to feel human again, I may have to do something like....well, it will not be pretty. Just thought I'd let you know in advance.

Here's to good health and wanting to swallow normally (that's not too much to ask is it?) - Elizabeth


Cheryl Willis said...

blessing and hope you get to feeling better soon- I don't like being sick either so I just don't do it often, cw

Vivian said...

Being sick stinks. Add winter weather to that, and no wonder we have trouble smiling some days.
Take care of yourself!