Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Meet Fred

I got in my car this afternoon, ran my windshield wipers, and there sitting on the hood of my car was.....Fred! (or Freida?)

I must admit Fred kind of creeped me out, but he was also fascinating to watch. He let me get "up close and personal" for a photo op and then hung out on the car for several blocks. I finally decided I better pay attention to traffic, so I pulled over and with the aid of a branch, Fred was safely transported to a new tree.

Doesn't he have that "take me to your leader look"?

Take Care - Elizabeth

edit: I have come to learn that Fred is actually a Praying Mantis. Since my car is quite a distance from any tree or bush, this little dude had to do some serious flying to land on my car! I guess I should feel honored!?!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Oodles of Pictures!

I figured I better get pictures taken and get them posted as I am soon to head back to school to try and get things ready.

So, here are the other items I have worked on or finished this summer.

(you are here by ordered to ignore all wrinkles as I have caught a lung/sinus bug, and just don't feel up to pull the ironing board out - sorry!)

Finished 4 teacup pin cushions -3 hot cocoa w/ marshmallows and one iced coffee :)

Finished BOM blocks!! I think I will redo the top left corner one as there is not enough contrast = don't like it :)

Borders on wall hanging

Table Topper/Wall Hanging

Easy Spring table runner
Bag - everything that could go wrong in making this bag, DID. There was some serious growling and muttering as this bag was made! But - it's done and works well as a yarn tote :)

My FINISHED lap quilt.

Oh so soft backing and some of the quilting

And, I think my favorite of all is this little wall hanging. The girl was a free embroidery pattern I found online and the rest is my own design. She is too cute if I do say so myself!

Well that about covers it for now. Thanks for boppin' by and take care - Elizabeth

Crochet Fun and a Sneak Peek

While crocheting teacups I had to play around with a few other patterns.

An overgrown doily....

A washcloth or coaster?....

And my sneak peek - a lap quilt that I have actually finished! I know a miracle!!

I hope to have a picture of it up soon!

Thanks for stopping and take care! Elizabeth

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Still Around

Hi all - I'm still here, just been really lazy about blogging!!

Here's what is new:

Health: Finally got into the pain management clinic and have had 3 steroid injections (2 caudal epidurals, and the other I can't remember the name, but they went in closer to the surgical site at L5/S1). The first 2 did absolutely nothing for me. The 3rd has given me some relief, but they have also put me on a medication...so I'm not sure which one has been more beneficial?? At least there has been relief! Yay!

Work: Well, I signed my teaching contract. I will now be teaching PreK-8th Grade General Music/Choir AND 5-8th Grade Band. I am thankful that, even though I am completely stressed out about how I, as one person, is going to be able to do all of the above, that I do have a job. Of which, starts in 2 weeks! Okay....who ran off with the summer??

Craftwise: I have been busy in this area!

Do you remember these?

Well, I have had orders for 6 more! I have completed and delivered 4 of them (sorry I forgot to get a picture - oops!)

I have also spent some time at "My Friendly Sewing Circle" which is a new business that has opened up in a community near me. It's a place you can go and sit and sew/crochet/embroider/knit, well you get the idea :)

It does cost $5 a day, or I believe $35 to be a monthly "member", to reserve your seat and help pay for utilities, the rent of the space etc. I get a lot more sewing done there than I do at home. I just can't get motivated at home and I guess driving to, lugging my machine, and paying for my spot, plus the good company of other crafters, is the incentive I need to get me sewing groove on!

They also are hosting a mystery quilt, a block of the month, and several other classes and events. I am doing the block of the month, and the gal that is sponsoring it, asked me if I would sew up all 12 blocks now. She will then give me the sashing and setting kit for free! That's a $54 value.

I better do a nice job, as I found out that the reason she wants it sewn up all now, is that she would like to take a picture of the completed top so she can show it on her online quilt shop to advertise the BOM series.

The goal is to finish the blocks up tomorrow so I can get started on the sashing and setting squares. I'd like to get this done before school starts....hmmm...we'll see!!

I hope to have pictures for you soon!

Take care and thanks for stopping! - Elizabeth