Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two Sleeps Away

Surgery is on Friday!

Don't worry - I won't be doing this!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


"Rat's knees, and elephant's toes!!"
(a saying in a book that I read along time ago -
my Dad and I use it when things go awry)
Well, it's official. I have to have back surgery #2.
The first suggestion was to do an injection of steroids directly into the disk to see if it would take the inflammation down. Then, I met with the surgeon. He put my X-ray's up and said, "Do you see this black line running here on your vertebrae, that is a fracture". A fracture???
The Dr. explained that many things could have caused it, but due to my last surgery, more stress was put on that vertebrae causing it fracture further.
I guess that explains the REALLY numb leg and foot, along with the not so pleasant pain. Thankfully, this bout has not been nearly as painful as prior to my first surgery. I suppose I could survive awhile without the surgery, but I am afraid of permanent nerve damage and always having a numb leg and foot. It makes walking interesting as your never quite sure where and what your foot is landing on.
So in 2 weeks, I go in for about a 3 hr. surgery, where they are going to remove the bad disc, put in a spacer, and screw/fuse the bottom 2 vertebrae together. Sounds like fun?!?! That should take care of the numbness and pain --how wonderful that will be!
The unfortunate thing is that I will be out of work for a minimum of 8 weeks. The Dr. was very adamant about the "minimum" part.
What a wonderful thing to go and tell your new employer that they need to find a long term music sub!! Not pleasant and not my idea of making a good impression.
Well, I will be very busy in the next few days trying to get my house ready, and school things in order. The nice thing about being home for 8 weeks is that I will have a lot of internet time, and I will hopefully be up to doing something crafty at some point.
Well take care all and thanks for stopping by. Maybe some day I'll actually have some pictures to post!! - Elizabeth
Ps. my Preschoolers love Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear! It is so fun to watch them interact with them - hugs are definitely not scarce!! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mozart and Beethoven

Mouse and Bear that is.

Mom and I made these critters to use in my Music Classroom.

It's a good thing we got them done this evening as I think my Preschoolers would have revolted tomorrow if I showed up without them!! We can't have unhappy kids ya' know!

Eventually these two will have little vests (made with music patterned fabric...of course!), but for now their little tie and bow will have to do.

Thanks for stopping - Elizabeth

Monday, September 7, 2009


Well the school year is progressing nicely however my body is revolting.

3 yrs. ago I had back surgery to mend a herniated disc. This past May I had another MRI because it was acting up, and at that time, I had 3 discs that were threatening to become big problems. Well, I think one of them has decided to become that big problem! UGH!!

My left leg, from the knee down is numb/asleep...hard to describe, and I'm a hurting unit!

Nothing like starting a new job and then have your back go ka-flooey!

Unfortunately my 1st neurosurgeon has moved out of state, and I have been referred elsewhere. They can't get me in until the 17th. I may go mad before than!!
I do have pain pills and muscle relaxers, they don't do much good, and I can't take them during the school day because they make me tired and "dopey" - two things that do not mix well with driving and teaching.

I suppose I could miss a few days of school, but if I am going to need another surgery, than I will need those days then. This is so not fun.

Well, that's enough pity "party-ing" for one post.

Mom and I have worked on making a "Mozart Mouse" and a "Beethoven Bear" for my elementary kids. I'll get pictures up when they are finished.

Well, thanks for boppin' by. Take Care - Elizabeth