Monday, September 7, 2009


Well the school year is progressing nicely however my body is revolting.

3 yrs. ago I had back surgery to mend a herniated disc. This past May I had another MRI because it was acting up, and at that time, I had 3 discs that were threatening to become big problems. Well, I think one of them has decided to become that big problem! UGH!!

My left leg, from the knee down is numb/asleep...hard to describe, and I'm a hurting unit!

Nothing like starting a new job and then have your back go ka-flooey!

Unfortunately my 1st neurosurgeon has moved out of state, and I have been referred elsewhere. They can't get me in until the 17th. I may go mad before than!!
I do have pain pills and muscle relaxers, they don't do much good, and I can't take them during the school day because they make me tired and "dopey" - two things that do not mix well with driving and teaching.

I suppose I could miss a few days of school, but if I am going to need another surgery, than I will need those days then. This is so not fun.

Well, that's enough pity "party-ing" for one post.

Mom and I have worked on making a "Mozart Mouse" and a "Beethoven Bear" for my elementary kids. I'll get pictures up when they are finished.

Well, thanks for boppin' by. Take Care - Elizabeth

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kwiltmakr said...

I hope you can get some relief soon from all of that, gee not fun. Can't wait to see the photos of the Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear.