Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow, and Snow, and Snow, and......

Catch my drift...... (tee hee)

Yet another extremely snowy day in Iowa today.

We had school today, for a whopping 2 hours. I won't tell you how irritated I was - okay maybe I will :)

Warning: Venting ahead - I do apologize to those of you who come to see crafty pictures and news. Unfortunately it's just not in the works right now. For the moment my blog, is a way to journal - get things "off my chest, and out of my head". So if you care to move on to another blog - that's fine, I understand. If not, thanks for reading and stopping by! I do appreciate you!!

I knew that we were in for another big snow storm, and was sure we would not have school today.

But as of 6:00 am, there was no news. So, before leaving home to head to work (which takes 1 hr. in good weather), I called my Superintendent to make sure that we were on schedule. Yup, we were but it looked like we would be getting out early. As to when "early" was he didn't know.

Because I live an hour away, I said that I may turn around and come home if it was too bad. I then got the spiel about how I would have to take a full personal day if I did not make it to school (once you/students get to school and then are sent them home early, it is still counted as a full day). Which, I can understand.....however......

Due to my surgery, I have NO MORE personal, sick, you name it days! In other words, if I don't show, I don't get paid. Unless I'm really physically ill, I'm not in a position that I can afford to miss school.

So, I trodded along going between 25 and 40 mph on the interstate that was primarily one lane at best. If you were passed by a semi, and insane drivers, you couldn't see due to the kicked up snow. This will probably describe how bad it truly was - a snow plow had gone into the ditch! A SNOW PLOW!!

It took me 2 hrs. to get to school (I was only 15 min. late as I had left that early!) I was so tense and knotted up that I could hardly move when I got there. We had a short staff meeting, and then it was a mad dash to get some items printed off and handed out to my musical kids, and then it was get ready to dismiss the kids at 10:00 am.

I risked my life for 2 hours on dangers roads, to be at school for 2 hours! If I'm at home and this happens again, NO WAY. I'll take a day of no pay. It is simply not worth it.

Thankfully, my Dad only lives about 30 min. from where I work, and so I am now holed up with him. I had originally planned to stay with him this evening, as musical rehearsals were to start, so the plan was/is to stay with him on Mon., Tues. and Thurs. evenings.

I doubt we will have school tomorrowv (but then again who knows!) as the winds are to really pick up this evening. That means all this fresh snow, 8-10 inches, of it is going to go flying all over the place. Fun - Fun.

So, no matter were you are, I hope you are safe and comfortable!

As always, take care and thank you for stopping by! - Elizabeth


kwiltmakr said...

How nice that your dad lives close to the school and you could stay with him. I can't imagine what it would have been like to drive all the way back home. I like your new background, cute.

Heckety said...

Huh! With the 'helpful' and 'encouraging' people you appear to have at your school I think if I were you I'd stay with your Dad until the winter is over. I don't understand Management's attitude to the risks of driving in lousy weather...our Principal always considers his out of town staff when snow/ice/storms hit, and makes sure pay isn't docked for a no show. In fact he has been known to text them to find out conditions and tell them to stay home, amalgamating classes to ensure the children's safety.
And yes, lunatics abound in bad weather particularly it seems.
And all that even before you consider your back repairs...

Heckety said...

Ps. reading further down...if you have cold/breathing/chest problems have you tried eucalyptus oil or Viks? I live with it in the winter and think it helps clear the airways!!

Vivian said...

I believe we've met our quota of snow days, snowfalls, blizzards, white-outs, hazardous driving conditions, cancellations, postponements, etc -- enough already!! We've shown that we can suffer and not give up. We could describe ourselves with the old advertising slogan for some watch -- "We can take a licking and keep on ticking!"

It's time for some beautiful, sunny, not-so-frigid days to raise our spirits!

Dorothy said...

Wishing you a great weekend and Happy Valentines..

Dorothy from grammology