Sunday, February 21, 2010

Haven't been snowed away...

......although it feels like it! I think I heard we're up to 26 inches of snow - that's a lot of snow!

I'm still here, plugging away.

This next week will be a busy one as I have a Middle School Concert tomorrow night, Musical rehearsals after school on Tues. and Fri. and Elementary Parent Teacher Conferences Thurs. night. Next Saturday, I probably will not be able to move!

Had a discussion with my Superintendent the other day. I still have a job next fall HOWEVER, it will be doing what I am now = Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade Vocal (not including every day teaching, that's 5 concerts a year, plus the musical, plus Honor Choirs, etc. )


Teaching 5th - 8th grade Band. So add what I'm doing now to starting beginning band students, literally running all 5 concerts, prepare students to march at Homecoming Parade, do Honor Bands, and add another concert in there for the "Band Extravaganza"). In essence I would be doing a 2 person/2 full-time job that they are cutting down into one.


I could continue what I am doing now for 1/2 the pay.

I'm getting very tired of having the "rug pulled out from under me" every spring - this is year number 3 now. I don't know if this and past event's are God's way of saying it's time to move on to a different profession, or if I'm being tested.

Thankfully I have some time to search for another position if I choose to, or look into another career - either way, it just plain stinks.

And, someday - this will turn back into a crafty and happy blog :)

Thanks for stopping and take care! - Elizabeth


kwiltmakr said...

Schools here are cutting positions too. Makes you wonder what they spend all the tax dollars on if they can't pay enough teachers to teach instead of overloading the ones we have.

Dorothy said...

This is just awful, I'm so sick of teachers often being collateral damage to the over spending for admin...etc. The losers are also our children...


Dorothy from grammology

Shirleymac said...

Oh my Elizabeth. That sounds like just too much. Listen to your body. If you feel tired and overwhelmed it's trying to tell you something. That's good you have lots of time to consider other jobs/careers. My daughter is doing that now. She can't leave the job she has cause in this economy she'd never get another one. She's just biding her time til things brighten up on the job front.