Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween, but have decided to lay low this year. I'm even being a scrooge and not handing out candy. I know - I'm "one of those houses". :)

I have found some motivation/energy to start a few crafty projects. One of which I gave you a glimpse of in my last post, and the others I don't have pictures of yet.
One of them is a paper piecing project. As an early B-day gift to MammaBear (Nov. 2), I signed us both up to take a paper piecing class at our local quilt shop.
Neither of us has ever taken a quilting/sewing class nor were we very confident in our paper piecing skills (very new to me), so it was a great class for us. Plus, there were only 3 of us signed up, so we had plenty of one-on-one time with the teacher.
We learned a lot, have homework to do and then we'll finish it up at our 2nd class this next week. The only down side was the 3 hour class was a little too much sitting for my back, but I got up and took mini walks around the shop, so it worked.

Speaking of my back. It will be exactly 1 month since surgery on Mon.!! I was back to the Dr. on the 26th and had the blasted 9 inches of stitches removed - and yes, I WAS BLANKET STITCHED!! The nurse could not tell me the "exact" medical term, but that is what it looks like and it is the most common type of stitch used on long incisions.
According to the Dr. everything is looking as it should. I just need to behave myself (ha!) and I start physical therapy at 3 times a week for 4 weeks this Mon., and then we re-evaluate about going back to work.

The hardest part about where I'm at now in the healing process, is that you start to feel good, so you do things or too much of one thing and then you pay for it later. Boy-do you pay for it later!!
Thank heavens for my heating pad, ice pack, pain meds, and a MammaBear who is willing to do back rubs!!!
Again, I thank you for all your kind comments and kind thoughts - they are so appreciated!
Take Care-Elizabeth


kwiltmakr said...

Well I am glad you are progressing along. Be CAREFUL! and don't do too much. Do one thing then sit. My mom got to learn that when she had her hip done. She would get up for 15 minutes and then sit for 20. Glad you too the paper piecing class. I enjoy paper piecing.

Vivian said...

Paper piecing is a different process, but so precise and satisfying! Now you can jump into that Linda C. musical paper piecing book that's so valuable. I'll expect to see a treble note or a keyboard done before the end of the year. OK?