Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to title this.....

To the East

To the West

And Down

This has all happened within 4 hours and it is supposed to get worse. Gotta love the first snowfall of the year - I think I'll go crawl under my covers now!

Stay safe, warm and take care! - Elizabeth


Heckety said...

Well I guess them Wise Men won't be makin' it anytime soon to your place!!
Does this mean your school is shut? Does this mean the pressure on the Concerts and events is back piling? Or have you already played the most of them?
If the pressure is off- enjoy the snow!! If not...OH HECK! SYMPATHIES flying your way!

Vivian said...

Similar photos ops in our area of town today. It's late right now, and I'm listening to the howling wind, knowing that drifts are piling up on the south and east sides of our house. This is two Decembers in a row with a blizzard before winter officially starts. Not good! Not good!

Stay warm, Elizabeth. Stay safe.