Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Boring life....

in the crafty area that is.

"Why?"- you ask.

Well, there is simply no time at the moment. 'Tis the season for a music teacher to be INSANELY busy.

For instance: I had a Middle School (6th, 7th, 8th Grade) Band and Vocal Concert last night. I have Parent-Teacher Conferences this Wednesday evening, and I have my Elementary Concert on the 20th. Oh, and add all the extra rehearsals and playing for church!!

Therefore, please excuse my boring posts or lack there-of!

To those of you who still come and visit, Thank You!! I appreciate you stopping by and I hope that in the future I will provide you with a little more entertainment :)
Take care - Elizabeth


Cheryl Willis said...

I think the postings are going to be further between for many of us this time of year. By the time I sneak in a little time on the machine I run out of time for the computer and visa versa. Have a Merry Christmas. We are just getting back from the grandson's 2nd grade program. adorable, they did a great job.
bless you for the hard work you do with the youngsters!- cw

Amy said...

we are all a little busy this time of year,no need to apologize.I am sure the parents will love the programs.. I used to tear up seeing my kids in them...my son was a Christmas tree in one....Merry Christmas to u!Amy

Heckety said...

I saw your title 'boring life' and I thought- heck! has she been sacked or something awful...and then I saw the second line!!!! Phew!! This I can understand!
We've just had three snow days, and now I have to cram a whole week's Music into two days, with our main School Carol Service on the 17th, and then other Choir stuff afterwards...so I know exactly where you're at!! Good luck from one Music Teacher to another- hang in there, we'll all survive....maybe...see ya on t'other side!!