Saturday, April 24, 2010

Retro Table Mat

Went to a "Sit & Sew" today and finished this table mat top. It's a little busy and even a little more "retro" than what I would normally do, but I like it!

Now just to get it sandwiched, quilted, and bound! Maybe at next month's "Sit & Sew"?

Thank you for your well wishes regarding my health. I did have to break down and call the Dr. and I was put back on antibiotics. Within 2 days I was feeling much better, so it was obvious that I had gotten a hold of something that would not have gone away without the meds.

My elementary concert is over, and I can say that for my first direction of an elementary concert, my kids did pretty good. The Superintendent and the Parents I talked to seemed pleased, so that is a good thing. Only one more concert to go before the school year is over!

Well, until next time....Thanks for Stopping, and Take Care! - Elizabeth


Vivian said...

I like the fabrics too, both the colors and the designs. It's a cute table topper.

Happy spring days to you, and bless those antibiotics.

Heckety said...

Like your retro fabrics! I hope your children sang as loudly as the fabrics! Well done on the Concert going well and the good comments- praise is always nice when it comes!