Sunday, April 18, 2010

Still Here


Just a note to say I'm still here. I am, after all, hard to get rid of !

What have I been up to?

Craft Wise - Become fascinated with pink and brown fabrics. Have started a small stash- not quite sure what I am going to with them yet, but they are fun to look at and pet.

I've also started this project provided by Kaaren over at:
as part of her "FFF" (First Friday Freebie) projects.
Note to self and others - do not, I repeat do not place a clip-on bed lamp under a clear plastic container to trace your design. As I was tracing I started to smell something getting warm. Well, needless to say I now have a nice hole in my plastic container where (unknowingly) the light bulb was touching the plastic. Can you say OOPS!

Busy as usual. I have a PreK - 5th grade vocal concert this Tuesday evening. I'll be glad when it is over! I'm still very torn as to what to do regarding this next Fall. For those of you who may not know, I have been offered a job again for next year however it includes the teaching of 5-8th grade band. That's along with what I am already doing (PreK - 8th grade vocal music). That's A LOT of extra work on top of a very full work load. I am very torn over the whole thing. Frustrating and stressful!

Well, the tailbone is slowly coming back down from trying to join my ear-drums after my latest fall! Was back to my neurologist this last week, and there is some concern of the increased numbness in my foot after my fall. So, I am to start up physical therapy and go back to the neuro in a month. If the PT doesn't help then it's another MRI and we go from there.

I've also been blessed with every stinking bug my students could share with me possible! I might get the crud (cold/flu) once or twice a year, but I'm going on about 2 months of the crap. A colleague of mine suggested that my body was stressed by the surgery, and now my "defenses" are down. How rude! So, I've started an intense regimen of vitamins, saline rinses, extra vitamin c, lots of fluids, and all the extra rest I can get (which isn't hard, as I come home and basically collapse!)

Well, that's the life in nutshell.

Nothing fabulous or spectacular, but it's life - much better than the alternative :)

Take care and thanks for stopping by! - Elizabeth


kwiltmakr said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon. I will be home this week and get back to blogging too.

Vivian said...

Glad to read that life continues, the good with the bad, and summer is coming ever closer. Best of luck with your decision making.

For such a young lady, you've had more than your share of challenges and adversity in the past couple years. I won't go into all the motherly bits of advice and "it makes you stronger" type of comment. Just know that positive thoughts are being sent your way from the North.

Shirleymac said...

Stitchin Annie is adoreable! Too bad about your container but at least you learned one way not to make a light table. Good luck with your PT.