Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pictures Finally

I FINALLY got this diaper bag done that I talked about - oh I don't 3 or 4 posts ago! It was supposed be done by Christmas!

It is a McCalls pattern made with corduroy and regular cotton.

Front View: with 2 side pockets

Front View w/ flap open and a matching card holder key-chain:

Back View - you can see where there is a large pocket:

Inside View: you can see the large pocket on the backside. That same pocket is on the front as well, however I sewed down the middle to turn it into 2 pockets - I know how clever :)

I'm glad to have this done and hopefully it will be off to it's new owner soon.

Other Updates:

School: Had 2 of my Middle School Musical Performances of Disney's "Aladdin Jr." this past week, and I must say that my kids did a pretty darn good job, considering the amount of time we had to get ready for it! I am very proud of them. :)

Now I have an Elementary Concert to get my younger kids ready for in less than a month - it never ends!

Health: It will be 3 weeks this Tuesday that I fell, and the tail-bone and "dairy-air" are still extremely sore. I am so tired of having a "pain in the a**". Literally!

I also came home early Thurs. afternoon and stayed home on Friday. I was just simply wiped out. I think the stress of my fall, the musical, the job situation for next year, etc. all caught up with me and I felt like crap and just could not function. I'm still not quite up to snuff, but am better than I was.

Other than that, I'm just pluggin' away. Now that the musical is over, I will hopefully have a little more energy in the evenings to get back to my crafts!

Take Care, and Thanks For Stopping By! - Elizabeth

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