Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Knitting Bug

I've been bit!
Fair Isle Hat: This is the second hat that I made, but the 
first time I ever tried fair isle knitting!!
(The first hat was just a plain ol' black one.)

 Piano Keyboard Hat: 3rd hat made.
This one is mine! 
As a piano player and music teacher, it was a must. ;)

Plumpy Mr. Hoot Owl: He's so ugly he's cute :)
First time doing a project strictly on double pointed needles.

1 comment:

Heckety said...

that fair isle is lovely, and the owl is so cute but the piano hat? Yes! Its just MAGIC!!

Thanks for the comment at my place- I have to inform you though that the sun was fleeting and today is stormy with sideways rain!!!

PS Yesterday in Church I was bored with playing for such teeney congregations since January that I thought 'stuff this!' and pulled out all the stops for the last verse of the last hymn and lifted them all out of their boots! I hope I didn't cause any coronaries...Personally I felt much better afterwards!!!!