Saturday, April 23, 2011

I haven't forgotten... to sew!
Twisted Pinwheel Table Runner - using the 5" Twisted Pinwheel Template / Moda's Verna Charm Pack and a chocolate brown border.
(sorry for the blurred picture!)
I have not touched my sewing machine since Feb. 6th and I figured it was time to become reacquainted.  We had a few disagreements in regards to tension, but after I tore her apart, cleaned, and re-threaded her, we got along just fine :)

After unloading and setting up at a local sit-and-sew establishment, it took me about 4 1/2 hours to complete this little top.  I probably could have stayed and at least sandwiched and quilted it, but I had had my fill of sewing for the day.  To continue would have led to mistakes, ripping, and frustration - better to stop while happy :)  Maybe it will get finished once school is out???

I haven't completely decided if I like the twisted pinwheel effect.  It's a lot of work to sew all your squares together and then re-cut and resew to get the finished result.  I really liked the look of just the squares sewn together, but as they became the pinwheels, the colors and design of these fabrics disappeared.  It's definitely a pattern that needs more contrast between fabrics - something to play with another day!

Well, thank's for stopping, take care, come again, and have a HAPPY EASTER! - Elizabeth

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