Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ah, Freedom!

The 2009-2010 School Year is OVER!
What a year it has been, and I'd be lying through my teeth if I said that I was sorry to see it go!

Instead, I am doing a happy dance and living in denial about the mid-life crises I'm having (pretty sad since I'm only 32)! We'll worry about that another day.....

For now, the happy dance and denial are doin' just fine!

I saw a saying the other day that suits me well at the moment:

"I know that I live in my own little world.
But that's okay; they know me here!"

So, come to my world, get your groove on,
and join me in my happy dance!
Now see, wasn't that fun!

Thanks for stopping by, and take care! - Elizabeth

psst: Just a note to say thank you for ALL OF YOUR SUPPORTIVE COMMENTS this year. You have listened to me moan and groan, and yet none of you said "get over yourself and move on" - but instead I've received numerous verbal hugs, and for that I thank God for you!!


Vivian said...

Enjoy these days of freedom, Elizabeth.
Personally, I'm stretching out and relaxing after my lovely little dance along with Calvin and Hobbs. Whew!! We worked up a sweat!
Fun, fun, fun.

Rhoda said...

I'm glad you survived your year! I hope things come together for you in your career. Hey, everyone needs someone they can vent to. It's good to have friends.

kwiltmakr said...

I hope you have a wonderful summer with lots of sewing and other things.