Saturday, July 2, 2011

The "Cut Up" Prt. 2

Well, after making my Halloween quilt, I decided I needed a Christmas one.  And...since I did have a Christmas layer cake........Wah-lah!
"The Cut Up" done with Christmas Layer Cake. 
Click any of the pictures for a closer look.

A few of the blocks

One of my favorites!
 I think the blocks ended up looking like presents!  If I get really ambitious I may applique some gift tags on the plain squares?? Now to find the perfect backing material? 

What else have I been up to? Well, I have attacked my house.  The garage, kitchen, dining room, and living room have been decluttered and purged.  I still have my room, the bathroom, and possibly the basement (if the motivation lasts that long) to go! Sounds like fun doesn't it.....not really, but it's getting done.

In my last post, I talked about a little run in involving the lawn mower.  Well, the lawn mower saga continues....first a little background knowledge for you.  In all, I mow 4 1/2 lots, or in terms of time, it takes me about 2 hrs. Yes, that's a lot of mowing! 

Anywho, I had mowed 3 1/2 of the lots, drove the mower across town to mow the last lot, put the brake on, put it into gear, and it would only go in reverse!  Yes, IN REVERSE!!  I tried everything - only backwards would my lawn mower go! After all that mowing and driving across town it THEN decided to go wonky!  I was so irked and irritated that I was momentarily tempted to go ahead and mow my lawn in reverse, but then the thought of providing the town with that much amusement, at my expense, kicked in.  Word travels fast in really small towns........(and by small, I mean 300-400 people on a good day!).

On a positive note, the lawn mower is now fixed and awaiting our next grass-trimming session.  However, I may have to take a baseball bat to it if it chooses to act up again any time soon.....I'm just sayin'!

 Well, that's all for now! Thanks so much for stopping, please come again, and take care! - Elizabeth


9patchnurse said...

Ooooo, when you said they look like presents I was thinking maybe bows but I love the idea of tags!

Vivian said...

Those are pretty, festive blocks. They definitely do look like presents.
I know exactly what you mean about word traveling quickly in a small town. My hometown back in the olden days-->population 366. I couldn't do anything without the whole town and my parents finding out.
Hopefully the rest of your summer of mowing will be totally uneventful.

kwiltmakr said...

Nice quilt! Sorry to hear about your mower. I know what the small town talk thing is like. I come from a small town and every one knows what your doing before you do!