Saturday, November 20, 2010

I have been informed.... my MammaBear, that it is time for me to update my blog.

Well then, here we go :)

The car is up and running again - only a new air intake sensor was needed!

The cold-bug/virus is done, but has left me with a nasty cold sore under my eye and on my cheek! (I know.....I'm weird - I do not get cold sores around my mouth like most "normal" people do)

Other than that there is nothing new on the crafty front to share.

So, I'll let you all get on to more exciting blog posts. Take care, and thanks for stopping! - Elizabeth

1 comment:

Vivian said...

Glad to read that the car is running. Nothing destroys a chance for a good day or a good week more than car trouble.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend.