Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sewing and Arby's Hates Me!

When I FINALLY got to Sit & Sew today (more on that later) I whipped together this bag. Super easy and super fast! You can find the free pattern and tutorial here.

Due to lack of time and not having my interfacing on hand, I did not get my pretty pink flower made/attached and the pockets reinforced with the interfacing. But, overall, I think it turned out cute. Again, easy-peasy...exactly what I needed.

I also purchased the 2 patterns shown. One is from "My Stitching Peace" and the wording says We are Snow Blessed and the other is a paper-pieced pattern by "Little Bits" called "Calendar Quilts & Pins by Cindi Edgerton". Both look like fun! Who knows when they will be completed, but they have now been officially added to my stash :)

Now, on to why Arby's hates me. Yesterday evening on my hour drive home from work, I pulled off the interstate to stop at the Arby's drive-thru. All fine and dandy right? WRONG - my car died! Long story short, I got it going again and made it home safe and sound.

This morning, on my way to Sit & Sew I had the hankerin' for Arby's again and went through the drive-thru (different town and drive-thru by the way!). All is well right? WRONG - my car dies AGAIN. This time there is no getting her started :( She is now a resident of the Arby's parking lot until I can get her towed tomorrow or Monday to my mechanic.

So, although it could have turned out much worse, today has been a stressful day! At least I can say I got something accomplished....

Well, goodbye for now! Hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween! Take Care and Thanks for Stopping - Elizabeth

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